Flex HR named one of AJC’s “Best of Atlanta 2017” business profiles

November 15 2017
On The Mic

Flex HR’s CEO, Jim Cichanski will be speaking on the Atlanta Business Radio X on Monday, Oct 16th at 10:00 AM talking about how Flex HR, now in its 17th year, has provided HR support solutions to their hundreds of Clients in small to mid-size organizations.

FLEX HR™, Inc. has been awarded one of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s “Best Of Atlanta” Business Profiles for their outstanding consultant practice covering every area of human resources management. It includes fractional HR leadership, human resource policy & practice, workplace investigations, personnel policies, job descriptions & wage studies, safety & training, management development, affirmative action programs, training, screening & staffing services, career development, payroll & benefits management, compliance & organization development.

Flex HR serves companies throughout the country in many different industries. They are committed to providing customized services that provide real solutions and make a difference for the organization. Their primary objective is to establish a strong working relationship with each client and become their human resources advocate. Flex HR’s client’s come from the private, public & non-profit sectors. Their services manage all aspects of human resources without leasing your employees or entering into co-employment, basically outsourcing HR and becoming your remote HR department. Their leading-edge technology platform EmployeeUniverse™ is uniquely designed for your company and dedicated to effectively managing HR administration responsively and effectively.

Look for our printed ad in the AJC’s GO GUIDE on November 17, 2017 or our online profile at http://www.proactiveresources.com/

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About Flex HR, Inc.

Flex HR is an unparalleled service that simplifies the maze of human resources tasks and demands into a repeatable, predictable, scalable, and sustainable process. We are the middle market, single source solution for HR and payroll outsourcing.

In support of a client's initiatives, we uniquely combine the expertise of our executive level HR professionals with state of the art management communications technology, all managed through our Customer Centric Center. Our Customer Centric Center is staffed by HR and Payroll professionals, who have the single goal of providing the most responsive management of your HR administration. The extraordinary combination of expertise, technology, and responsiveness combines to form a powerful asset that may be leveraged to position your company to compete and win.

With overwhelming changes in HR compliance, it is virtually impossible for mid-size companies to maintain necessary expertise in-house. Our platform allows management to have control, without co-employment leasing. Flex HR is a world class HR management system that cares about your employees, and is price affordable. Your company and employees can enjoy the benefits of HR services previously only available to large companies.

For more information about Flex HR, please visit www.flexhr.com or call 770-814-4225.

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